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  1. List of all the Federal & State (NY & NJ) Court closings for 2017

    F=Federal Court S=State Court (NY & NJ) B=Bankruptcy E= Emergent Matters Only
    Jan. 2: Legal Holiday (F & S; E)
    Jan. 16: Dr. MLK Jr. Birthday (F& S; E)
    Feb. 13: Lincoln’s Birthday (NY Cts.)
    Feb. 20: President’s Day (F & S; E)
    Apr. 14: Legal Holiday (NJ Cts.; E)
    May 29: Memorial Day (F & S; E)
    July 1: First Court Day of 2017-18 Court Year, NJ Cts.
    July 3: (SDNY & SDNY-B)
    July 4: Independence Day (F & S; E)
    Sep. 4: Labor Day (F & S; E)
    Oct. 9: Columbus Day (F & S; E)
    Nov. 7: Election Day (S; E)
    Nov. 10: Veteran’s Day (F & S; E)
    Nov. 20, 21 & 22: Statewide Judicial College (NJ Cts.; E)
    Nov. 23: Thanksgiving Day (F & S; E)
    Nov. 24: (SDNY & SDNY B)
    Dec. 25: Christmas Day (F & S; E)
    Dec. 26 to Dec. 29: inclusive of both dates Recess (E)
    Jan. 1, 2018: Legal Holiday (F & S; E)

    List of all the Federal & State (NY & NJ) Court closings for 2016

    F=Federal Court  S=State Court   B=Bankruptcy
    Nov. 21, 22 & 23: State Judicial College; emergent matters only—NJ State only
    Nov. 24: Thanksgiving Day—(F & S)
    Dec. 26: Christmas Day (observed) —(F & S)
    Dec. 27-31: Court Recess—NJ State only

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