CMS Sync

Maximize eWatch by Syncing with Your CMS

eWatch subscribers get the most value from their account by leveraging eLaw’s CMS Sync feature.

CMS Sync automatically uploads key information to a firm’s case management software (CMS), eliminating the need to manually enter updates from email alerts to prevent clerical data entry errors and save valuable time. Your CMS can synchronize with eWatch as much as you want.

Maximize the value of your eWatch account and of your firm’s CMS, and never miss an appearance again. Using an index number, county and year for the case being watched, get automatic updates to your CMS, including:
  • Case status
  • Calendar updates
  • Decisions
  • Parties
  • Attorneys
  • Judges’ information
  • Motions
  • Appearances

Using the latest technology to forward docket information, eWatch seamlessly integrates with both proprietary CMS platforms and with popular off-the-shelf products, including:
  • SmartAdvocate®
  • TrialWorks™
  • LexP.I.
  • Time Matters®
  • Needles®
  • Selah Central®

Get the most value from your eWatch subscription – and your firm’s CMS – with eLaw’s CMS Sync feature.

Download the CMS Sync PDF to learn about its detailed benefits.