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eLaw provides two types of reports:

eWatch Case Reports

eWatch Case Reports allows users to easily obtain detailed information on the cases they are tracking with eLaw.

A user can get detailed future appearance information for a desired time frame, outstanding and decided motion information and NOI and other court case deadline dates. These reports can be run at any time and all of the reports can be viewed in either a Microsoft® Excel® or PDF format. The reports can be customized and saved as a template.

The eWatch Case Reports, which cover all 62 New York Supreme courts and five City Civil courts, fall into six main categories:


eLaw's Custom Reports are used by a wide variety of professionals for:

These reports can be ordered by calling 212-503-6000.

eLaw's On Demand Reports are delivered as PDF, CSV or Excel files, which can be opened in spreadsheet, database or document applications.