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eWatch Calendar


Automatically captures any future appearance dates for a case being monitored and displays them in a free, customized online calendar that allows appearances to be viewed in real time and a new assignment calendar which allows you to assign lawyers in your office to cover appearances.

As a complimentary extension of our popular eWatch product, subscribers receive a personalized eCalendar that will automatically capture any future appearance dates for the cases being monitored on eWatch and will display them in a personal, customized online calendar.

eCalendar delivers numerous benefits to subscribers, allowing users to:

Assignment Calendar:

Power eLaw users can synchronize their case information, appearance dates and eCalendar to many popular off-the-shelf and customized case management systems as well as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Case management systems available for sync include: SmartAdvocate, LexPI®, TimeMatters®, TrialWorks®, and Needles®.

eWatch subscribers can use the Calendar Sync feature to ensure seamless and error-free diary and calendar entries. To learn how to activate Calendar Sync for Google calendar and Android smartphones, Calendar Sync for Microsoft® Outlook®, as well as Apple iPhone and iPad devices, contact eLaw at 212-503-6000