Judgment Verification

Do you purchase debt? Trust eLaw for judgment verification!

Before attempting collection, it is critical to confirm that the judgment is in the court records, its date, that the court’s records do not show it is satisfied, and that there are no motions to vacate the judgment.

Simply send us cases in which judgments have been purchased, and eLaw will send you the information in the court’s database. eLaw provides the exact information the court has on file for each case and will return that data in any preferred format. eLaw can also monitor your cases for any newly filed motions or case status changes.

Why use eLaw to verify judgments?

Attempting to collect on an invalid judgment can result in expensive individual or class action complaints, or in actions brought by state attorneys general and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for alleged FDCPA or NYS law violations or a severe fine. It’s not worth the risk!

New York judgment verification through eLaw is available in Manhattan, Bronx, Kings, Queens and Richmond Civil Courts.

Judgment Copy Document Retrieval

eLaw can obtain judgment copies in the five New York boroughs and Nassau County. Our experienced judgment court personnel are in those courts every day and can obtain the exact document you are looking for in each case.

New York has various restrictions for obtaining civil court files, but eLaw has developed several strategies to return judgments with the fastest turnaround times permitted by the courts. Our staff of professionals pay strict attention when reviewing files from the court for any vacating orders and/or stipulations, and will work with you to develop a fast and convenient system to return files to your office.

Volume discounts are available for ordering judgments at the rate of $11 plus $0.90 per page upon completion – one flat fee regardless of how many visits to the court are required to obtain the file, and no monthly subscription required.

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