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eDocket is a comprehensive online search engine covering all 62 New York Supreme Courts, five City Civil Courts and the New York and Kings County Clerk minute books with access to search case dockets. Why bill clients for needless manual docket searching?

eDocket includes:
  • The ability to view when subpoenaed records arrive at the court record room and all clerk case comments.
  • Bookmark feature allowing users to quickly search all their cases in minutes instead of hours by clicking through them one at a time in just one location, reducing unbillable time spent searching for appearances and motion decisions.
  • Advanced search capabilities encompassing cross-county and cross-year searches with one click, plaintiff or defendant name searches, and index number and year criteria.
  • Search results with a quick overview of the case, including case status.
  • Extensive and easy-to-follow hyperlinks and tabs that immediately retrieve all the information, including case details, filings & fees, appearances, motions and, whether a motion has been decided, attorneys and judgments.
  • A glossary of comments that explains court clerks’ most commonly used phrases, judges’ initials and names, abbreviations, codes and numbers, continuously updated with subscriber input.
  • i Cal* integration enabling users to copy future court appearances directly into their own Microsoft® Outlook® without risking data entry mistakes.

*iCal feature includes an additional charge.

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