Since 2000, eLaw has been improving case management so that lawyers can practice with confidence. eLaw’s products include:
  • eDocket: Comprehensive online search engine covering all 62 New York Supreme courts and five City Civil courts with unlimited free access to search case dockets.
  • eWatch: Automated case monitoring by sending email alerts triggered by an appearance that is scheduled, rescheduled, cancelled or held; when motions are decided; a note of issue or request for judicial intervention (RJI) is filed, and so much more.
  • eCalendar: Automatically captures any future appearance dates for a case being monitored and displays them in a free, customized online calendar that allows appearances to be viewed in real time.
  • eCopy: Ordered copies of any decision or court filing for all 62 counties in New York and all 21 counties in New Jersey as well as State, Federal and Appellate courts.
  • eServe: Electronic portal to file and serve demands and other documents in all New Jersey personal injury protection (PIP) arbitration cases.
  • Custom On-Demand Reports: Reports conducted by eLaw’s knowledgeable staff members on any query covering current and archived cases in the New York Supreme and City Civil courts.
  • Judgment Verification: Check judgments in the court records to find out their date, to see if the records show they were satisfied or that there are no motions to vacate the judgments in the five city civil courts.
  • Lawsuit Alerts: Earliest available notification of a suit by capturing new index numbers purchased in Kings and New York counties by informing companies or a law firm’s client if it has been named a defendant in a new lawsuit.
  • Partners: eLaw integrates with several case management systems streamlining the automatic updating of all critical case information and court dates directly into the case management system without any manual data entry.
  • Online Advertising: Banner ads that appear on the eLaw dashboard homepage help raise your profile and attract new referrals.
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